APPARATUS «Extrasen»

It is successfully used for carrying out a complex of physiotherapeutic procedures due to the effect of optical radiation, millimeter-wave radiation and a constant magnetic field.

Main technical characteristics:

Number of independent channels:           6
Laser wavelengths:                                       670 nm and 810 nm
LED radiation wavelength:                          450 nm
Wavelengths of millimeter radiation:        7.1 mm; 5.6 mm; 4.9 mm
Maximum optical power:                             300 W (670 nm), 400 W (810 nm), 200 W (450 nm)
Millimeter radiation power density:          10 mW / cm2
Magnetic field induction:                             20 mT
Operating mode:                                           manual, timer
Timer settings:                                               1 — 3600 c
Power consumption:                                     30 W
Operating voltage:                                         220 V

Advantages: none of the devices currently being manufactured contains a combination of such functionality for carrying out regulatory phototherapy

Apparatus and methods of treatment are certified in the Republic of Belarus