High-speed laser marker

High-speed laser marker is designed for high-speed precision application of marking images (text, graphics, etc.) on a wide range of materials and products. It can also be used for cutting thin metal foils, semiconductor and ceramic plates.
The laser marker model is based on a diode-pumped fiber laser and includes a scanning head based on high-speed laser-deflectors, a vertical displacement unit for the scanning head, a control unit for the scanning head and a vertical displacement unit, and software for controlling the laser marker.


  • laser type: pulsed ytterbium fiber with air cooling
  • wavelength: 1060 ± 10 nm
  • pulse repetition rate: 20 – 100 kHz
  • pulse duration: 100 ± 10 ns
  • pulse energy: 0,5 mJ
  • average output power: 10 W / 20 W
  • power usage: 120 W / 150 W / 240 W
  • marking area: 60×60 mm / 110×110 mm / 175×175 mm
  • weight: 35 kg
  • overall dimensions: 640×500×600 mm
  • type of images: contour, raster, text, graphic, etc.

Examples of the resulting halftone images and text: