The Department of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics

Acad. Valentin A. Orlovich, tel.: +375 (17) 284-03-76

Deputy Academician-Secretary:
Corr. member Sergei A. TIKHOMIROV, tel.: +375 (17) 284-03-76

Scientific Secretary:
Ph.D. Irina I. FILATOVA, tel.: +375 (17) 284-15-66

Mailing Address: 66 Nezalezhnastsi Ave., Minsk BY-220072, Republic of Belarus
E-mail: physics@presidium.bas-net.byFax: +375 (17) 284-03-76

The Department of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics was founded in 1963 and now develops and coordinates the scientific investigations in the directions which have great importance for scientific and technological progress. In the field of optics, spectroscopy, laser and plasma physics, the available potential is effectively used for developing the application of spectroscopic, laser and plasma technologies in industry, information processing, medicine, ecology, culture, etc. New methods and equipment are developed for atomic-molecular analysis and diagnostics, study and control of natural environment (including laser sensing and airspace spectrometry). In the field of advanced information technologies are provided the research works on physical basis of optical information processing, fiber optics, automation of technical systems designing, images processing (digital cartography, processing of space images), modeling of intelligent processes (speech interface, neurocomputers).

A level of natural and engineering sciences in Belarus are determined to a great extent by investigations spent by well-known scientific schools of mathematicians and physicist-theoreticians, which promote the development of intellectual potential of the republic and the national system of higher physical-mathematical training. The works of the Belarusian scientists in the field of high energy physics are grounded on active international cooperation with world-known scientific centers.

The Department of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics unites scientific and production amalgamation, 3 scientific institutes, scientific-engineering, design-production and scientific-production enterprises, and inter-branch scientific-practical center. As of January 2009, there were about 1260 researchers, technicians and attendants in the attached organizations. There are 18 Academicians, 28 Corresponding Members, about 800 researchers, 95 Doctors of Sciences (Prof.) and 264 Candidates of Sciences (Ph.D.) among them.