Directions of scientific research

  • Laser physics, development and creation of laser systems and technologies for  medicine, ecology, industry, metrology and information protection
  • Physical and nonlinear optics, the disclosure and use of the patterns of propagation of high-power laser radiation in various media
  • Optical spectroscopy, development and application of methods and instruments for studying the properties and structure of various materials, including biotissues
  • Nanooptics and Nanomaterials
  • Quantum optics, investigation of quantum properties of electromagnetic radiation in computer science and cryptography
  • Investigation of the structure and properties of atomic-molecular structures and the creation of new optical materials, systems, instruments and technologies on this base
  • Plasma physics and plasma technologies: investigation of the plasma interaction with fields and matter; development and application of methods for plasma diagnostics; development of technological applications of gas-discharge and laser plasma
  • Micro- and optoelectronics: LED technology, solar cells, microwave technology, microelectromechanical and sensor systems and devices
  • Physics of Fundamental Interactions and Nuclear Reactions: Investigating the Structure of the Microcosm and the Universe