Optics department

The optical production of the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus specializes in the manufacture of high quality precision optical components and optical-mechanical assemblies using all types of glasses, including quartz glass, glass ceramics like Sital and ZERODUR and, crystals СаF2, LiF, Al2O3, Spinel etc.


We produce

  • Spherical and plan optics
  • Laser optics
  • Micro-optics
  • Crystal optics
  • Polarization optics
  • Optical filters, dielectric mirrors, beam splitters, antireflection coatings, «notch» filters
  • Prisms, wedges
  • Light-pipe and axicons
  • Custom optical elements and assembly fabrication and lens design

 Technical specifications

  • Diameter of optical elements: 5…250 mm
  • Surface Quality: up to 10-5
  • Surface Flatness: up to l/10
  • Surface roughness: up to 2 Å
  • Dimension tolerances: ±0,01 mm
  • Angular tolerances: ±0,5 arc sec
  • Parallelism: ±1 arc sec
  • Optical coatings in the spectral range: 360…2000 nm.

 Quality control is carried out at all production stages using modern measuring instruments such as ZIGO GPI XP interferometer (working diameter up to 150 mm), MÖLLER-WEDEL Goniomat M goniometer, PHOTON RT spectrophotometer etc.

All optical components are accompanied by a measurement protocol.