Center «Diagnostic systems»

Head: Vladimir Belyi, Corresponding Member

Research areas:
• Propagation and interaction of singular light beams and pulses in isotropic and anisotropic media, metamaterials and photon structures. Development of a new generation of optical tweezers based on the use of Gaussian and Bessel beams.
• Kinetic femtosecond multiphoton spectroscopy and laser scanning microscopy of technical and biological objects for basic and applied research. Development of new optical methods for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
• Modern optical methods and technologies for non-destructive testing and diagnostics in industry and medicine: multichannel laser opto-acoustic flaw detection; photoacoustic spectroscopy; laser speckle interferometry; microscopy and profilometry based on the use of conical beams; ellipsometry of high spatial resolution; polarization-sensitive scatterometry; image in fluorescence decay times (FLIM),
• Investigation of the physical properties of metamaterials in the terahertz and optical spectral regions and the creation of optical systems on the basis of new principles, which make it possible to achieve subwavelength (nanometer) resolution;
• Methods for obtaining and recording terahertz electromagnetic radiation. Terahertz spectroscopy in the time domain using femtosecond lasers. Terahertz technology and their application.
• Methods for analyzing multiparameter data (chemometrics) and their practical applications.
• Optical information processing, optical hysteresis, fiber optic amplifiers and systems.
• Nonlinear optics of nanostructures and photonic crystals, opal-shaped nanocomposites.

The center includes: