State awards

Lenin Prize:

Solving problems of safe movement in the atmosphere of spacecraft (1966, MA Elyashevich together with employees of other organizations)

Creation and development of a new scientific direction — spectroscopy of free complex molecules (1980, N.А. Borisevich, V. V. Gruzinski and V. A. Tolkachev together with B. S. Neporent from GOI)

USSR State Prize:

Prediction of laser generation of solutions of complex molecules and the creation of lasers with a smoothly tunable radiation frequency in a wide spectral region (1972, B. Stepanov, A. N. Rubinov, and V. A. Mostovnikov)

The study of radiation scattering in inhomogeneous media and the creation on this basis of diffraction filters for a wide range of infrared radiation (1973, N. Borisevich and V. G. Vereshchagin)

Development of optics of anisotropic media (1976, F.I. Fedorov)

Development of the physical fundamentals of dynamic holography and methods for the transformation of the spatial structure of light beams, the discovery of the phenomenon of wavefront reversal of light beams with four-wave interactions (1982, P.A. Apanasevich, E.V. Ivakin, A.S. Rubanov, BI Stepanov together with employees of other organizations)

Development of highly efficient methods for nonlinear frequency conversion of laser radiation in crystals (1984, BV Bokut, together with employees of other organizations)

Studies of photorefractive and liquid crystals for optical information processing systems (1985, VA Pilipovich and AA Kovalev together with employees of other organizations)

Investigations of photo-burning of spectral dips and the development of selective spectroscopy of complex molecules (1986, KN Solov’ev, together with employees of other organizations)

Development of optical methods and systems for measuring parameters of ground objects from airplanes and spacecraft (1991, LI Kiselevsky and BI Belyaev together with employees of other organizations)

State Prize of the BSSR:

Development of the theory of elastic waves in crystals (1972, F.I. Fedorov)

Development of methods and creation of plasma research equipment in laboratory and in-situ conditions, including plasma flowing around rockets as they move in the atmosphere (1974. VS Burakov, LI Kiselevsky, L.Ya. Minko, VN Snopko and V.D. Shimanovich)

Development of calculation methods and a systematic analysis of the dependence of the energy and time characteristics of lasers on the parameters of the resonator, active medium and pumping (1976, B. Stepanov, V. P. Gribkovsky, A. S. Rubanov and A. M. Samson.)

Development of the theory of the action of high-power laser radiation on the spectral-optical characteristics of a substance (1978, P.A. Apanasevich)

The series of works «Photonics of biologically important pigments and their analogues» (1980, G. P. Gurinovich and K. N. Soloviev)

Development of the theory of planar optical waveguides, including waveguides from anisotropic media (1984, A.M. Goncharenko, V.A. Karpenko and V.P. Redko)

The development of the classical field theory of elementary particles (1988, A. A. Bogush and L. G. Moroz)

Experimental and theoretical study of the reflection of light from amplifying and nonlinear media «(1990, BB Boyko and NS Petrov)

State Prize of the Republic of Belarus:

Studies of the physics of laser-plasma effects on metals and composite materials (1992, MA Elyashevich, V.K. Goncharov, L.Ya. Minko, G.S. Romanov and A.N. Chumakov)

Development of methods and the study of the luminescence of proteins with high temporal resolution (1992, L. G. Pikulik together with biologists)

Studies of microstructure fluctuations and the development of photophysics of solutions of complex organic compounds (1994, A.N. Rubinov, B.A. Bushuk and V.I. Tomin, together with employees of the BSU)

Investigations of anisotropy phenomena in laser systems and the development of methods for polarizing laser spectroscopy (1996, A. P. Voitovich, A. A. Kovalev, V. V. Mashko, V. N. Severikov, and V. A. Pilipovich)

Studies of the dynamics of the rotational motion of electronically excited molecules in the gas phase (1998, N.А. Borisevich, V. A. Tolkachev, A. P. Blokhin, and V. A. Povedailo)

Investigations of nonlinear optical phenomena and the creation on this basis of nonlinear optical transducers of the laser radiation wavelength (2000, AA Afanasyev, VN Bely, N.S. Kazak, V.A. Kononov, V.A. Orlovich and T.Sh. Efendiyev)

Studies of the mechanisms of retinal photodamage and the development of means of their treatment (2000, GI Zheltov and VA Lapina, together with doctors)

Development of quantum optics and spectroscopy of coherent nuclear processes (2002, S. Ya. Kilin, E. A. Rudak and A. V. Berestov together with employees of the Belarusian State University)

Development and application of lidar and aerospace methods and devices for environmental diagnostics (2002, A.P. Ivanov, A.P. Tchaikovsky and V. E. Pluta together with employees of other organizations)