Center for analytical spectral measurements

Head of the Center: Mikhail Belkov , PhD, Deputy Director

CASM is accredited for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO / IEC 17025-2007 (accreditation certificate No. BY / 11202.1.0480 of 03/27/06).

Main areas of research:
— obtaining new knowledge about the structure of molecules and molecular complexes;
— physical and chemical methods of research of substances, materials;
— determination of the concentration of ions of various metals in water, food, animal products, crop production and other materials;
— С, Н, N, O, S — analysis of natural and synthetic materials;
— carrying out various spectroscopic measurements and research of substances in different phase states (absorption, transmission and reflection spectroscopy in the IR, visible and UV spectral regions, EPR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, luminescence spectroscopy);
— determination of the optical characteristics of filters using UV, visible and IR spectrometers;
— luminescent spectroscopy of materials with a nanoscale structure containing active centers;
— the study of the photophysical properties of microheterogeneous luminescent systems;
— development of methodological foundations of molecular and atomic spectral analysis of metals, alloys, cosmetics, drugs, products of agricultural production, etc .;
— study of the physicochemical properties of the surface of the substance;
— determining the quality of medical preparations, medicinal raw materials, etc .;
— providing advice in the formulation of spectroscopic studies and interpretation of their results;
— conducting seminars on the use of modern analytical methods for the study of substances for workers in factory laboratories.

The list of basic measurement techniques:

— methods given in international, regional or national standards;

— work instructions (methodologies) developed at the Center for Analytical Spectral Measurements, to develop or supplement the requirements of standards and other applicable regulatory documents that establish quality and safety requirements for products in accordance with the scope of accreditation;

— test methods developed in the performance of contracts with customers;

— test methods developed by the Customer.

The list of main scientific equipment of CASM: download