Center «Semiconductor technologies and lasers»

Head of the Center: Genadiy Yablonskiy, Dr. Phys.-Math. Sc.

Research areas:
• Development and creation of high-power solid-state diode-pumped lasers for ranging, lidars, communications, material processing, medicine.
• Study of defect formation processes in heterostructures of injection lasers and photodetectors.
• Calculation and comparison with experiment of the optical characteristics of diode-pumped lasers based on Nd and Yb containing crystals and glasses.
• The technology of molecular beam epitaxy of AlInGaN heterostructures to create on their basis instruments and devices for lighting systems, photodetectors, lasers, power and microwave electronics.
• Pumping laser media by emitting arrays of high-power “UV-green” AlInGaN LEDs.
• Development of a blue GaN / InGaN LD radiation converter into a green-yellow ZnMgSSe / ZnCdSe laser radiation.
• Phosphor based on chalcogenides with REE, lasers with random generation.