Center «Nanophotonics»

Scientific director: Gaponenko Sergey Vasilievich, Academician, Chairman of
Chairman of the Scientific Council of BRFFR

Main areas of research:

The propagation, emission and transformation of radiation in mesoscopic structures under the conditions of spatial limitation of electrons and / or electromagnetic waves, including

photophysics of semiconductor nanocrystals
emission and scattering of light of mesoscopic and plasmon structures
complex propagation of light in layered media
highly sensitive molecular and atomic analysis for the study of objects of cultural heritage (in collaboration with other laboratories).
The most important results:
An experimental and theoretical substantiation of the possibility of using gallium arsenide-based heterostructures for ultrafast optical modulators in the spectral region corresponding to industrial optical communication (1.45..1.55 μm) is given. Experimentally implemented modulation of the reflection and transmission of radiation in the specified range using the radiation of a sapphire laser with titanium as a control. The modulator response time is less than 1 ps (on) and less than 5 ps (off).
The possibility of using silicon-germanium nanostructures coated with a thin (10 nm) gold film for highly sensitive spectral analysis by the method of giant Raman scattering is shown. For inorganic particles (ultramarine) with a size of about 1 μm, scattering amplification of more than 10 times was obtained, which indicates a local amplification near germanium quantum dots of the order of 105. metallic nano-objects. The result will be used in the development of practical methods for the identification of inorganic compounds in the study of objects of cultural heritage and forensic science.