Center «Photonics and photochemistry of molecules»

Head of the Center: Sergey Terekhov , PhD

Directions of research and development:

Photonics of native and model biomolecular systems in order to develop new techniques and compounds that are promising for use in biomedicine and biotechnology.

Photonics of supramolecular ensembles based on natural and synthetic compounds in order to establish the mechanism and dynamics of energy and electron transfer, structural relaxation processes with subsequent possible use of molecular electronics and opto-electronic devices in nanotechnology.

Photonics of supramolecular heterostructures with the participation of semiconductor nanocrystals and organic chromophores designed to create new photostable composite sensor materials and high-speed opto-electronic nanoscale elements.

Laser kinetic spectroscopy of relaxation processes of the interaction of molecular oxygen with respiratory proteins by hemoglobin, myoglobin and artificial blood substitutes.

Quantum-chemical calculations of the structure, spectroscopic and physicochemical properties of molecules in order to establish the mechanisms of photochemical processes in native and artificial systems.

Molecular oxygen photonics: photosensitized generation of its active forms and photodynamic effect on biological objects, including malignant tumors. Search for new effective photosensitizers of singlet oxygen.

Development of the physical fundamentals of new methods for creating remote optical sensors.

High-resolution spectroscopy to study the properties of metal-organic compounds with selective laser excitation and low temperatures.

Development and optimization of new highly efficient substrates for giant Raman scattering based on metallized porous silicon and anodic alumina for use as active components of sensors for biomedical and analytical purposes, in particular for non-invasive medical diagnostics of biological fluids and forensic examination.

Development and research of photophysical properties of new hybrid materials based on nanostructured porous silicon complexes with natural and synthetic biomolecules.

Main publications:
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