Center «Photonics of atomic and molecular structures»

Head of the Center: Vladimir Kalinov, Dr. Phys.-Math. Sc.

Research areas:

Investigation of ultrafast photoprocesses in matter based on the development and application of ultrashort laser pulse technology.
Optics of randomly inhomogeneous dispersed media, nanostructures, and photonic crystals.
Spectroscopy and luminescence of high-temperature vapor and jet-cooled molecules.
Investigation of radiation defects and their optical properties in crystals and crystal structures.
Research and development of compact solid-state laser systems with transverse diode pumping.
Development of intelligent decision systems in medicine using computer modeling and Data Mining technology.
The interaction of radiation with matter in the metal
dielectric nanostructures (nanoplasmonics).
The propagation and conversion of radiation in complex semiconductor and dielectric nanostructures (photonic crystals, nanoporous media, metamaterials, etc.).
Photophysics of semiconductors of nanocrystals.
Development of prototypes of nano-optoelectronic components
(filters, modulators, sensors).
Highly sensitive analysis methods for use in medicine, ecology, research of cultural heritage sites).
Instruments for the study of nanostructures.
Development and application of optical spectroscopy, photophysical and photochemical effects of light on substances and materials for the study, explanation and directional formation of the structure and properties of polymers and complex multicomponent systems based on them.
Development and research of new polymer, composite and hybrid materials for optoelectronics, biomedicine, ecology.