Center «Plasma physics»

Head of the Center: Nikolai Tarasenko, Corresponding Member, Dr. Phys.-Math. Sc., associate professor

Research areas:
• Physics of plasma formations induced by laser radiation and electrical discharges in gases and liquids for the development of methods for spectral analysis, controlled synthesis of nanoparticles and plasma processing of materials
• Nonlinear phenomena in a plasma when it interacts with electromagnetic waves; plasma instabilities and methods of their control
• Physics of atmospheric pressure glow discharges and the development on their basis of new plasma methods and devices for the conversion of hydrocarbons, plasma medicine and microwave electronics
• Plasma dynamics of near-surface optical and combined discharges
• Physical bases of laser-plasma and plasma-dust technologies (laser-plasma engines, methods and devices for processing materials and modifying their physicochemical properties, synthesis of nanostructured coatings, powder laser stereolithography)
• Development of methods for combined plasma, acoustic and electromagnetic modification of microheterogeneous materials and biological objects