Center «Fundamental interactions and astrophysics»

Head of the Center: Yuri Kurochkin , Dr. Phys.-Math. Sc., associate professor

Main areas of research:

development of effective methods of theoretical research and their application for solving actual problems of physics of fundamental interactions, using the knowledge gained in fundamental research to train highly qualified personnel for the examination of projects on behalf of the country’s highest state authorities: Presidential Administration of Belarus, Council of Ministers, SCST , Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;
development of proposals for experiments on the search for new structural elements and phenomena of the microworld, conducted jointly with leading nuclear and accelerator centers of the world, in particular, for the program of physical research on the ATLAS detector of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN (Geneva), as well as in the framework of COMET — Collaborations of the accelerator center J-PARK (Japan);
fundamental and applied nuclear physics research in the interests of the Republic of Belarus.
Some key results for 2012–2014:

The ATLAS collaboration is composed of employees of the laboratory, the Higgs boson, and further updating and maintenance of the algorithms used in ATLAS software for the reconstruction of time and energy information in an external hadron calorimeter. In co-authors of publications of the ATLAS Collaboration, the Institute staff members: A.A. Bogush, S.N. Garkusha, Yu.A. Kulchitsky, Yu.A. Kurochkin, I.S. Satsunkevich, P.V. Tereshko.
The photoproduction of ε-mesons on the deuteron has been studied in detail with special consideration for the interaction in the final channel. The semi-inclusive differential cross sections and polarization observables are found. The results show the importance of taking into account the interaction in the final state caused by pion exchange.
Rendering assistance in maintaining the 4N-gamma spectrometer “DRINK” of the Mogilyov regional center of hygiene, epidemiology and public health.